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shakedown cruise (Part 2)

17 October, 2018 “I’ve never seen such sailors. Not in all my born days, I ain’t. Naturals! My God, everyone of you, naturals…”                                                  Captain Ron Day 2 passes much like Day 1; the weather is beautiful, though hot. The waterway is wide and lined on both shores with deep marsh grass; signs of civilization are sparse and few. Snowy white egrets and brown herons wander along the marsh edges, fishing for breakfast. We spot pods of dolphins all along the way, gracefully arcing through the water; one group swims up to the front of our boat to play in the bow wave, driving Missy to fits. With largely favorable currents and slight winds, we make such good time that Cindy suggests we press on from our intended stop at Wahlberg Creek and cross St Catharine’s Sound. The wind is expected to pick up sharply tomorrow to 20-25 knots gusting up to 30 knots and crossing the open waters of the Sound, which leads out into the Atlantic, in these kinds of conditions would be uncomfortable at best and potentially dangerous. Crossing now means not having to wait out the winds for a day, putting us into Savannah a day earlier. Being chased by clouds across...

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shakedown cruise

16 October, 2018 “If anything’s gonna happen, its gonna happen out there” Captain Ron Cindy turns the key to start Just One Dance’s port engine and…nothing. Shite!! The starboard engine started sluggishly before catching, but we don’t even hear the starter solenoid closing on the port one. We were worried about this. Our boat had been sitting at the dock at Jekyll Island for about 16 months while we were back home making updates to our gym and working various yard projects around the house. We had decided to take a year off from cruising to give our business and our home the attention that both of them needed; squeezing everything in during the 2017 hurricane season wasn’t an option. I even went back to work starting February at my old company as a temp engineer once the main home projects had been finished with the understanding that we were sailing away again in November. In the interim, Cindy or I made visits to the boat to keep its various systems functioning and to keep it as clean as possible. One last Jekyll Island sunset before taking off… Still, when we arrived at the boat after Hurricane Michael passed to get ready to go off sailing again, JOD was looking decidedly rough. Its stainless metalwork was spotted with rust (its only technically stainless), its topsides were covered with bird...

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seize the day

It’s moving into late fall here in Huntsville and we’re still landbound. We had to let one of the trainers at our gym go and finding a qualified replacement in a small town like Scottsboro is difficult to say the least. Cindy is an ACE-certified trainer (among many other things) so she has been filling in while looking for a replacement, but obviously this requires us to stay in the area.  Still, I’ve made a couple of quick trips down to the boat to look in on it and take care of a few critical tasks so that the...

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irma la douche

We’d been keeping an eye on Hurricane Irma from our house in Huntsville as she made her way across the Atlantic from Africa’s western coast. Cindy and I had decided we really weren’t ready to sell our house yet, so we’d pulled it off the market and spent most of the summer getting our stuff moved out of storage. This being hurricane season, we had to keep a weather eye out for any storms that might threaten the east coast of Georgia even as we focused on our house. As much of the country saw with Harvey and Irma,...

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black jack

It was Saturday afternoon two weeks ago and Cindy and I had headed to the PetSmart in Huntsville to buy a large bag of the Pro-Plan dog food that Missy loves. We’d been at the house for over a month and she was running out the food we had brought with us from the boat. No big deal…we have gone to this PetSmart numerous times and I knew exactly which aisle the dog food was on. So, I was pushing the cart and preparing to turn into the appropriate aisle when I noticed Cindy was continuing down the main...

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