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shakedown cruise

16 October, 2018 “If anything’s gonna happen, its gonna happen out there” Captain Ron Cindy turns the key to start Just One Dance’s port engine and…nothing. Shite!! The starboard engine started sluggishly before catching, but we...

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my life as a dog

November 17, 2015 As I have posted previously, before we moved to the boat Cindy and I adopted a sweet little Yorkie pup named Missy. Many people we have talked to are surprised we can keep a dog on a boat, so I wanted to post...

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beyond Thunderbolt

October 27, 2015 Anchored off The Bennett Causeway Bridge near Sharpes, FL Just One Dance bobs quietly at anchor in a fresh evening breeze, parked about a mile north of the Bennett Causeway Bridge just across the waterway from...

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hard times in savannah

September 10, 2015 Just One Dance has now been on the hard for about 2 months now and work is progressing…albeit slooowwwlllyyyy. The boatyard juggles work on a number of different boat projects and its always a battle to...

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all jacked up

July 19, 2015 We’ve been in Savannah for about six weeks now, working with the folks at Thunderbolt Marine to lay out the work we will be having done to fix issues we found during the last five months and upgrade some of...

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savannah home stretch

July 4th, 2015 Ok, one last lengthy post to get this blog up to date. So hang on… After weighing anchor at Titusville, we made a rather lengthy push north for Daytona Beach, arriving in the later afternoon at Loggerhead...

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blowin’ in the wind

June 24, 2015 It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog on our travels along Florida’s Intercoastal Waterway. Unlike our trip south, we’ve been spending most of our time on the return trip traveling up...

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no shirt, no shoes, no problem

April 13, 2015 Ok, I know this is late but it took me  while to transfer the pictures and videos from Cindy’s iPhone… As I mentioned in an earlier post, Cindy and I discovered that the Rock The Ocean Tortuga Music...

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heading north

May 22, 2015 Friday morning we wake up early to a beautiful quiet sunrise on Lake Boca. We hear little noise except for the waves lapping against the sides of the boat. We make ready to get underway for West Palm Beach, our...

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anchors aweigh

May 15, 2015 After a couple of months enjoying the sights and sounds of Ft Lauderdale, Cindy and I are underway again, now heading back north to Savannah, Georgia. It’s time to haul Just One Dance out of the water and get our...

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