I never thought of it as moving until my daughter called it that. We have just been thinking of this as a long vacation without a definite end date. After all, we plan to return home when we are finished. However, that knowledge didn’t make it any easier to leave parents, kids, and grand-kids this week.

We’ve been on the boat for three days now and are finally getting everything we brought with us put away into some cubby hole where it will live. Missy (the boat doggie) even has her own locker full of toys, bones, and grooming supplies. We have a lot of toys and bones so we can replace the current ones when she accidentally or purposefully throws them overboard.

In getting everything organized, I have discovered hanging shoe holders and space bags. The hanging shoe holders are perfect to use for folded shirts. And it gives me a lot more room to go vertical with storage.



The space bags allow me to keep more stuff on board and keep things that I won’t need frequently. I am in love with the space bags.


Now that we have almost everything put away, Martin is working on taking an inventory of what we have and where it is located. He’s in love with spreadsheets! Now it’s time for me to get finished with my electrical projects of installing some more 12 volt plugs and rewiring the inverter.

Everything is coming along nicely and we’re loving being on the boat.