Time flies! I mean, time seriously flies.

So, as you know, we’re looking for a boat. So far we’ve been doing it the lazy way … I surf the boat websites and then show Martin the boats that I’m drooling over. But we just look and say we’ll start really looking as the time gets closer. Well that’s just leaving things too wide open and since nature abhors a vacuum, in steps Pete to fill it.

Enter Pete from The Catamaran Company out of St. Augustine, FL. He sends me an email stating that he “sees” (farming my info from the website, no doubt) that I have been looking at catamarans. He sends me a couple of listings of boats that he thinks we might be interested in. I let him know that we are looking and may be ready to buy if the right boat comes along.

Martin and I look at the listings Pete sent and decide there are two or three that we want to see, one of them being a 42’ Leopard Catamaran named … wait for it … Meant To Be.  We planned a trip to Brunswick, GA to go look at the Leopard on June 22nd, which was the most convenient weekend open for both of us. Then out of the blue, my intuitive, loving husband suggested we go down earlier since he knew I really wanted to see this boat. We know from watching the boat market for the last couple of years that one and two owner catamarans that have an owner’s layout and have never been chartered, do not stay on the market long.

Let the road warrior phase begin. Throw the camping sleeping pads in the back of the van with blanket and pillows (just in case) and hit the road for what turned out to be 1350 miles of driving by the time we got back home. We left at 6 pm this past Friday and got back home at 11:30 pm on Sunday. I asked Pete to set up as many boats as possible during this time, even though I really had my hopes up for the Leopard. I also asked Pete to see if we could look at a Lagoon 380 that was just a few miles from the Leopard just for a point of comparison before driving to St. Augustine for more boats.

It was fate, Meant To Be (the Leopard) was not meant to be. The Lagoon was meant to be. She’s cute, a good size for the two of us to handle alone, plenty of room for the cats, and built to be seaworthy to take us where we want to go. Although, the Leopard is not out of the question if the Lagoon deal falls through. boat

Now the negations begin. We put in an offer on the Lagoon 380 with a time-line to do the survey, haul out, sea trial, and closing June 22nd when we already have flights booked. The owner did not like the time-line since he would be gone on vacation during the end of June. So we have changed the time-line and will make an insane effort to continue our road warrior phase by moving the dates to the first week of June and use the flights for the weekend of the 22nd to take OUR boat “Just One Dance” out sailing for the first time. We are “patiently” waiting to hear what will happen next. us on boat